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[EDIT: OKAY I’VE CHANGED MY GIVEAWAY TO 420 FOLLOWERS, because I’ve gained way more followers way more quickly than I thought I would, and I’d like to leave the giveaway open for awhile longer. Because I’m like five followers away from 400 and that happened so so fast and oh my goodness I love you guys so much. ♥♥♥ {If you’ve already entered, your entry stands and no need to reblog again! ♥}]

Hello lovelies! Having just reached 350 followers, I’ve decided to hold a giveaway that will close once I’ve reached 400 420 followers! Yayyy ! :D This will be my way of saying thank you to all of you beautiful people who follow me. ♥

R U L E S :

  • must be following me {s-ilverblood}
  • reblog this post {one entry per person, likes and multiple reblogs don’t count}
  • tag your reblog with ‘silverblood giveaway’
  • NO giveaway blogs

F I R S T    P R I Z E :

  • $50 gift card to Amazon (can be .com, .ca, or - I’m also open to other websites if you’d prefer, we can discuss that when the time comes) OR $50 towards a commission with your favourite Tumblr artist
  • 3 custom gifs with your URL or text of your choice

S E C O N D    P R I Z E :

  • $15 gift card to Amazon (same terms as above) OR $15 towards a commission with your favourite Tumblr artist
  • 2 custom gifs with your URL or text of your choice

T H I R D     P R I Z E :

  • 3 custom gifs with your URL or text of your choice

Yep um that’s about it…any questions let me know! Like I said, the giveaway will end at 400 420 followers, any follows/reblogs after I hit 400 420 won’t count! Thank you all so much! ♥♥♥

you copied my 69 follower giveaway

Well, well. Satanists to use Hobby Lobby to block pro-life propaganda

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It’s not looking good for Teddy what the vet first thought was mites (although he showed no real symptoms of mites except hair loss) turns out to be high levels of calcium in his bladder. The vet reckons that trying to treat him would be lots of effort for little reward and intimates that I should…

I’ve read before that feeding them lots of acidic foods (cranberries, oranges etc) can help with that, after a quick search online i found some links that could help you.

I’ve never been to this site, but the information i’ve read here matches to what I already know and have read on other sites.

Guinealynx is a good forum for any medical issues for guinea pigs. I’ve used them before when researching for my own piggies.

shiromiracles asked:

not exactly art related but could you give a bit of explanation on how to use livestream? Their faqs are pretty unhelpful, and the format has changed a lot (i've only ever used procaster and now suddenly there's all these things like producer and stuff?)



So if you’re streaming on a PC, first thing’s first: Download Procaster.

After that, set it up according to the directions, and then open it up!

Here’s where you sign in. If you haven’t already registered for an account, do that!

then go to preferences, and copy my settings:

And then after that, click save and you should be good to go! You can also adjust the audio settings in the audio tab to suit whether you want to be on mic or play music or do both.

I hope that helps!

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